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The Infamous Pokemon Sex Story

Most people will just think this is fucking weird (which it is), but I love DOING THINGS during sex. I mean, sex is great and all: It feels good, and you can connect with your partner. But for lack of a better word, plain, ole-fashion sex can get boring. There are only so many positions, and if you take a long time like me, you can get bored. I love talking and interacting with my partner. Nothing gets me going like a good story-line in a role-play.

So Freshman year, I was hanging out with this girl (Let’s call her Misty for now). For some reason, we wanted to watch some of the first episodes of the first season of Pokemon.

So there we were in her room. We just finished our 5th episode in a row (I don’t know the exact number). All I know is that we have been introduced to Misty, the second Gym Boss. (look her up if you don’t know which one she is). We were discussing how Misty (the character) should fuck Ash (the main character is the show). We both agreed Misty was hot as shit and that we would both want to fuck her if given the chance.

I then suggested that Ash-Misty would be a hot role-play. She took me completely seriously. JACKPOT!

We start hooking up. We aren’t really talking or doing anything in any sort of roleplay. Just kissing…then touching….then shirts come off….then touching…then pants off.

She stops me. Fuck.

Misty: “I want you to fuck me like a Pokemon. I want to be Dratini.”

Fuck yes!

I’m not 100% sure she is serious. So I half jokingly say:

"Ok. But I want to be Magicarp." (the one that does nothing but "splash")

Misty: “Oh. I can’t resist water pokemon.”

Holy shit! She’s serious. I am about to have pokemon sex.

I get on top of her in missionary position. As I enter her she lets out a sigh and at the same time moans, “Dratini.”

I literally do what magicarps do. I flop around aimlessly saying my own name. “Magicarp. Magicarp….Magi….Carp. Carp.”

I look quickly at the clock. We have been fucking like pokemon for 10 minutes already. Time to mix it up.

My thrusts start to become more organized. More in beat. Pretty much all around better.Misty starts to get more and more into it. I feel like she is getting close to orgasm.

I stop….pause 2 seconds. Then shout out:

"GYARADOS!" I evolved. I evolved from the lame, stupid, magicarp, into an absolute beast moster! I AM GYARADOS!

I start fucking the shit out of her. I have been saving all of my energy for this moment. I make her orgasm. She starts screaming. (oh yeah. she’s a screamer)

But these aren’t your average screams…”DRATINI! DRATINI!…”

I slow down and tell her that I want to change pokemon. She says ok, but she wants to stay the same one.

I slowly pull my cock back. As I pull back, I calmly say “Pikaaaa” (holding the last syllable.) Then yell “CCCHHUUUUUU!” Slam right into her Poke-pussy! After a few of these, she was orgasming again.

Then I just started laughing. I was still fucking her. But this was getting ridiculous, even for me. I started making pikachu jokes…

- “Don’t I have great poke-balls?”

- “Did you find my cock shocking?”

- “This sure is a great ‘Pika-screw’”

- “I guess you could say, I can’t conduct myself!?!?”

There were probably others too. But they were all the same lame, corny, shitty pokemon puns. I am not funny….But I thought i was at the time. I could not stop laughing.

I decided to flip her over, fuck the shit out of her, then finish. I had enough poke-action for one day.

A few months after the sex, I was hanging out with Misty. Some girl walks by, and Misty says hi to her. I expect to be introduced. Instead, Misty says, “[Friend], this is Gyarados.”

Game Over.


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